Our front line employee engagement capability rounds out your business 360. spanning small enterprise, where flexibility and ease of implementation is crucial, to global organisations where we can cater for diverse language and cultural needs.

Our employee engagement strategies and solutions can change the way you relate to and learn from your employees. We challenge the traditional approach of taking irregular snapshots of employee sentiment and engagement, to deliver continuous and ongoing feedback and insights from your most important resource.


Quantify the impact of employee engagement and satisfaction on your business and develop strategies to have a highly engaged, effective and committed workforce.



Employee engagement benefits:


Quantify the impact satisfied and dissatisfied employees are having on your business


Measure the upside potential of a happier workforce relative to customer experience

Evolve changes the way employee engagement is measured at a global scale


Our client is one of the world’s leading providers of health care and health insurance.  Its challenge was to change how they measure employee engagement amongst more than 80,000 employees in 20 + countries speaking six languages.

Using the latest in multi-channel data collection including AVR, online and web, Evolve has implemented a global people engagement program that allows employees to provide feedback throughout the year in their own language.  The program allows over four thousand managers from Poland to Chile, Australia and the UK, Spain, China, Thailand and Saudi Arabia to view and action their feedback quickly and easily on their mobile phone.  The program makes extensive use of our technology platform including multi-language on the fly translations, speech to text, sophisticated text analytics and advanced multivariate analysis.  Results are fully integrated with the client’s employee management system.

Through our collaboration with our client, adventurous mindset and forward thinking, we have turned a staid annual employee survey that took more than 20 minutes to complete into an engaging and accessible workplace listening capability that is helping our client become a truly great place to work.