OUR CUSTOMER COMMUNITIES ARE AT the cutting edge of research technology innovation. Facilitating continuous dialogue with your customers, in new and engaging ways.

Our online customer communities are richly featured and highly integrated.  Our unique platform lowers the cost of insights and brings your customers voice to the table on everyday decision making.

Online Customer Community benefits:


Deepening relationships


Qualitative customer feedback on a quantitative scale


Improving your brand salience and word of mouth


Test concepts and New Product Development

Taking communities to the next level – with an amazing new community platform and community team


Evolve first started looking at the community space in 2014.  At the time we reviewed how other people were running communities and how they worked with clients to deliver them.  Pretty early on we could see serious deficiencies!  Too many communities lacked a sense of life and real engagement.  Platforms were staid and boring with sporadic content that was not really of interest to participants.  Moreover, we felt that the significant costs of implementing communities were not being reflected in the potential of the research format.

By listening to our customers we developed a new community platform from scratch – mobile optimised, intuitive, powerful, beautiful to see and easy to use.  The platform has extremely high levels of self service capability, allowing our clients to get in and engage with customers quickly whenever they want.    In parallel, we developed our communities team to work with clients and help them develop, nurture, grow and engage to develop real lasting and productive relationships with their customers to get the absolute max out of their online communities.

Evolve now runs one of the largest communities in Australia and has expanded to develop new communities in the healthcare and not for profit domain. Our platform continues to develop with new capabilities including geotagging, rich media capture for consumer safaris and immersive story telling.